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The slide shows below represent seven distinct phases of development over a thirty-eight year period, from early work made at Chelsea School of art in the late 1970s up to when I retired as a teacher in 2013. Each selection is just that; a few chosen examples of the work that was made at that phase in my oeuvre. Since retiring, and having more time for drawing and focusing, I have made a concerted move towards a different way of thinking about what it is I am trying to do!

The work (exhibited on this website under 'Recent Work') looks quite different now but I hope you may be able to see correlations and links with the older work. Indeed as far back as 1975 I was working in a way which still influences my decisions today. 

2008 - 2013     Another return to figuration (with thanks to Philip Guston)


2000 - 2007     A period of indecision and experimentation
1993 - 2000     A return to minimal abstraction
1986 - 1992      First true figurative work made in response to "A New Spirit in Painting"
1982 - 1986      Work made after a move to Cornwall
1979 - 1982     Work made in Cardiff (AADW Bute Street Studios)
1975 - 1979     Work made at Chelsea School of Art
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