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Thank-you for visiting this website. I hope you enjoy seeing what I am up to now, as well as seeing how the recent work has developed from early beginnings.

Paintings in the "Recent Work" area are for sale. Please contact me here for further details.

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The latest "developments": keeping you up to date (ish) with what's happening now!

The Rondo Series

Throughout 2019 I was making a series of circular pieces. Made on bread-boards with a 'natural' frame (see right) they are sized at 30cm diam. and 20cm diam.

A show of these paintings took place in December 2019 at the Castle Galleries in Bude and again at 20 Joy Street, Barnstaple. (see exhibitions)

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Two New Series of Drawings

2020 has, so far, all been about trying to break away from a standard geometric approach​. Two new series of drawings:

The 'Attachment' series and the 'Nature Morte' series dealing with landscape and still life respectively but using a far more fractured and random ordering of shapes and imagery. I have an idea that I want them to be more variously and highly coloured too. Chosen drawings will undoubtedly become paintings in the near future. Watch this space!


Attachment #35                                     Nature Morte #16


Many thanks to all who have had the kindness (and courage!) to commission work from me:

Vi and John Franks

(Harbour Dead Calm)

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Mrs Linda Bond

(Week Farm for J.B.)

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Ms Cheryl Stokes


Maggi Gardner and Charlie Mead

(South Worden Farm)

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715 thumb.jpg

Mrs Emily Vining

(Bude VIII)

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If you would like to commission a painting - which would be a one-off, personalised 'design' - please get in touch via the 'contact' page to discuss sizes and prices etc.